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Michael Olafusi

MIT: Public Finance and Public Policy

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You can register on MIT Opencourseware for Public Finance and Public Policy at https://ocw.mit.edu/courses/economics/14-41-public-finance-and-public-policy-fall-2010/ 

About the course

Explores the role of government in the economy, applying tools of basic microeconomics to answer important policy questions such as government response to global warming, school choice by K-12 students, Social Security versus private retirement savings accounts, government versus private health insurance, setting income tax rates for individuals and corporations.


1 Why study public finance? Chapter 1
2 Externalities in theory and practice Chapters 5, and 6
Public goods in theory and practice
3 Basic theory, optimality and pricing Chapter 7
4 Cost/benefit analysis Chapter 8
5 Political economy Chapter 9
6 Local public goods and fiscal federalism Chapter 10
7 Public provision of private goods: education Chapter 11
  Midterm exam  
Social insurance and redistribution
8 Overview Chapter 12
9 Social security Chapter 13
10 Unemployment insurance, disability insurance and workers' compensation Chapter 14
11 Health insurance Chapters 15, and 16
12 Redistribution and welfare policy Chapter 17
13 The institutions and theory of taxation Chapters 18-20
Taxation and individual behavior
14 Taxation and labor supply Chapter 21
15 Taxation and savings Chapter 22
16 Taxation, risk taking and wealth Chapter 23
17 Corporate taxation Chapter 24
18 Tax reform Chapter 25
  Final exam  

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