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Michael Olafusi

Coursera -- Finance for Everyone: Markets

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You can register on Coursera for Finance for Everyone: Markets at https://www.coursera.org/learn/finance-markets 

About the course

Markets begins with one of the most common and important elements of the financial system – interest rates. You will learn why interest rates have always been a key barometer in determining the value of everything. You will explore the changing influence of interest rates; the impact of interest rates on consumption, investment and economic growth; and the bizarre realities of negative interest rates. Markets explains how interest rates change the value of all financial instruments, highlighting the role of the bond and stock markets that have toppled empires. We take a closer look at the equity pricing models and equity markets that reverberate across the globe, and explore everything from the first stock ever issued – by the Dutch East India Company – to the little-understood but powerful derivative securities market. By the end of the course, you will have developed insight into the intersections of the financial markets with worlds of policy, politics, and power. You will have demonstrated that insight by teaching an important financial concept and translating a financial product or transaction to someone who will clearly benefit from your advice.


Week 1: Welcome & Interest Rates
Welcome! This first week will orient you to the specialization and help set you up to make the most of your experience with us in Finance for Everyone: Markets. You will also engage with a fundamental concept that has tremendous influence on financial markets,... More
3 videos, 7 readings, 1 reading
Graded: Making a Difference in Week 1
Week 2: Bonds
Week 2 is all about bonds! You will explore this market from its inception to present day, discuss a current curious phenomenon, develop skills for pricing bonds, and have the opportunity to engage in experiencing the market for yourself! Don't forget to conti... More
3 videos, 4 readings
Graded: Bonds
Graded: Making a Difference in Week 2
Week 3: Stocks
Week 3 is Stocks week! You will familiarize yourself with this market from its creation to present day, review key moments of market turbulence, develop skills for pricing stocks, and turn your MarketEx focus to experience stocks! As you explore all things sto... More
4 videos, 3 readings
Graded: Stocks
Graded: Making a Difference in Week 3
Week 4: Deriviates & Course Presentation
In Week 4, you will synthesize your learnings for Finance for Everyone: Markets. You will participate in a peer review of Presentation materials submitted by your classmates, reflect on your key learnings from this course, and look ahead to Finance for Everyon... More
4 videos, 1 reading, 1 reading
Graded: Presentation Assignment

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