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Battle of the Apps -- Nigerian Banks

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There are many times I have wondered how we survived the era prior to civilisation and the internet. It sure wasn't a funny thing because sending a message to someone in another land was a sort of job on its own. How did people handle cash also? I laugh at the realisation that before the advent of commercial banks, people actually kept their monies in temples and by giving them to temple priests.

Today, banking and managing money is a different kettle of fish. Though internet banking was not greeted with great zeal by most Africans, eventually, discovering the ease, the great ease attached to it, many more people have joined the wagon. I can't remember the last time I actually went to a bank to sort out a transaction. You can sort out financing a vacation without leaving one spot using your bank's mobile app.

In spite of the slow internet penetration rate, banking applications are being embraced on a large scale. Every bank in Nigeria has a mobile application and have to grapple with satisfying their customers on a daily basis. Gathering this review, I noticed that it may not be an accurate reflection of the acceptability rate by customers simply because just a handful of people leave a review. However, we would work with what we have on the Google Play Store. 

So if you haven't downloaded the Mobile App for your bank, or you want to know how many more people share your frustrations, this should interest you. 

Let the battle of the apps begin:

1. Zenith Bank
With over 500,000 downloads, customers are promised that the mobile app eliminates the need of funding your mobile wallet before initiating payments and airtime purchases. You can register as an Internet banking user or a non-internet banking user. 
What people are saying:
According to Google Play Store, 6,169 people sent in their reviews.
5 stars: 3917 reviews
4 stars: 1044 reviews
3 stars: 647 reviews
2 stars: 189 reviews
1 star: 372 reviews
A good chunk of people approve of this app but when 372 people complain so much, it means something needs to be corrected. 

2. Ecobank
With a satisfactory 1 million downloads recorded, this bank promises that wherever, whenever… with the Ecobank Mobile app, everyday banking becomes as easy as ABC!
Let's see if the users agree; 
With a total of 7,218 reviews, 
5 stars: 4,068 reviews
4 stars: 992 reviews
3 stars: 767 reviews 
2 stars: 341 reviews
1 star: 1,050 reviews
My thoughts:
Though a large chunk freely donated 5 stars, a whopping 1,050 users are downright upset about something. We can't ignore this. Ecobank needs to sort this out fast.

3. Union Bank
We obviously know how recently this bank joined the 21st century internet world of play. So this review shouldn't come as a surprise to many. 
Though they make 13 promises to the users including a weather forecast, from the number of downloads on the Google Play Store, it is either Users are wary of so many promises or they need a new PR agent. 
With 100,000 downloads they barely have 600 reviews, 
5 stars: 418 reviews
4 stars: 71 reviews
3 stars: 54 reviews
2 stars: 18 reviews
1 star: 39 reviews
While publicity of the mobile app should be invested in, this bank also has to take into consideration the things they need to put in place so they don't have a fast increasing amount of dissatisfied users. 

4. Diamond Bank
When users are promised that “The Diamond Mobile App brings excitement to the world of banking”, it is then no surprise that we have over a million downloads. With almost the highest number of reviews, the Diamond Mobile App has a total of 13,227 reviews on the Google Play Store. 
5 stars: 7,854 reviews
4 stars: 2,239 reviews
3 stars: 1,380 reviews
2 stars: 587 reviews
1 star: 1,167 reviews
With a high number of 5 stars, this mobile app has won my heart (sadly, I don’t have an account with them). They are rated high for monitoring credit, making payments, budgeting, linking bank accounts, managing credit cards, tracking finances, international transfers, etc. All ratings of over 80%. We can’t however ignore the fact that there are 1,167 dissatisfied Users and can only appeal to Diamond bank to make their experience as seamless as possible.

5. GTBank
The first thing I see when I visit the Google Play store is “The GTBank Mobile App is finally here.” Not only was I disappointed by the lack of creative copywriting, I rolled my eyes many times because I expected more from them. Anyway, no beefs, over to the reviews. A closer look at the promise made and Users guaranteed seamless banking. Over one million downloads have been made by users and a whopping 14,135 reviews are recorded.
5 stars: 7,883 reviews
4 stars: 2,815 reviews
3 stars: 1,521 reviews
2 stars: 679 reviews
1 star: 1,237 reviews
A laudable number of people praise this app but obviously, many people are highly dissatisfied and leave amusing comments. GTBank officials need to do something about this also.

6. UBA
The upgraded mobile app has over 500,000 downloads and promises their users banking services that are easily accessible. 6,508 people dropped their reviews and over half of them are highly satisfied.
5 stars: 3,914 reviews
4 stars: 995 reviews
3 stars: 623 reviews
2 stars: 305 reviews
1 star: 671 reviews
It is quite easy for organisations to forget the small number of disgruntled customers when compared with the happy ones, but that shouldn’t be the case. If one customer isn’t satisfied, his or her complaint is worth looking into. So UBA, there is work to be done.

7. Stanbic IBTC
When someone tells you, “Experience Stanbic IBTC’s beautiful way to manage your money; all your money”, there is this satisfaction that comes with. However, when you look at how many downloads have been recorded, (over 100,000 downloads) and the handful of reviews recorded, (1.515 reviews), I begin to wonder if the promise for #appiness is really true.
5 stars: 942 reviews
4 stars: 203 reviews
3 stars: 118 reviews
2 stars: 66 reviews
1 star: 186 reviews
For the number of 5 stars that they have, there are already too many people in the 1 star section. This is so much that one of the users who dropped a review told them how #unappy the app made his day. Stanbic, kindly step up to the table and clean up the mess.

8. First Bank
The fact that their name bears a position resemblance, it doesn’t make them first in the battle of the apps because they didn’t exceed my imaginations. Users are promised convenient access to both financial and non-financial transactions plus other functionalities. With over a million downloads, 12,536 Users dropped their reviews.
5 stars: 8,129 reviews
4 stars: 2,034 reviews
3 stars: 1,179 reviews
2 stars: 406 reviews
1 star: 788 reviews
Well, what can I say now? First Bank, please try to be the first bank who gets it right. Sort out the bugs and fix the errors.

The FCMB Mobile Plus app, recently updated, promises real time access to mobile transactions. With barely over 100,000 downloads, only 1,508 Users sent in their reviews.
5 stars: 875 reviews
4 stars: 238 reviews
3 stars: 140 reviews
2 stars: 50 reviews
1 star: 205 reviews
There are a lot of complaints that arose after the app was upgraded. Usually, when an application is upgraded, it is meant to make the user experience a more pleasant one. This becomes defeated when more people keep saying they have not benefited from the upgrade. FCMB, please listen to your users and do something about it.

10. Sterling Bank
Users are promised that the Sterling Mobile brings a whole new experience to banking from your mobile phone. Only over 100,000 downloads with 1,954 reviews. 
5 stars: 1,217 reviews
4 stars: 184 reviews
3 stars: 148 reviews
2 stars: 105 reviews
1 star: 300 reviews
This one customer bank needs to listen to its users. 300 dissatisfied users are too many bad reviews. 



Though mobile applications are powered by phone work ability, network and a couple of other factors, our financial institutions need to listen to their users, more intently and make more efforts to reduce the discomfort experienced when the users interface with their various platforms.

Reading through the various reviews will amuse anyone who has some time to spare. I know we haven't gotten there yet, but please and please, just in case, you reading this, know the person in charge of these apps, kindly tell them that Nigerians deserve the best and nothing less.

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