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  1. I think that the lose of patience is one of the most important aspect. Many people invest money and think that they will become millionaires. This is the wrong mentality. You need to have a lot of patience. Try to remain calm and make the best decision for yourself.
  2. I agree with this statement. You should always try to expand your options all the time. I know that not everyone has the luxury to invest in different things but you should do it if you have the resources. The trademark of a successful is that he always looks around in different things.
  3. Contemporary living became so unpredictable more than ever before in which sense live insurance can provide at least some guarantee that in time of stress financial support will be at disposal. I see also that costs of insurance are minimal in respect to its benefits
  4. I see that the general problem with starting own business is luck of knowledge of finances. Many people have a good idea which can be basic for good business plan. But without idea how finances and market are functioning many businesses fail
  5. Investment funds can be an excellent option for people who do not have time to spend trading and analysing the best option for their own portfolio or it might be that they don’t have access to some markets. In this sense, leaving management of your funds to professionals is a good way to proceed
  6. I think that we need to take into account current development with pension funds in the whole world. The truth is that they are not doing so well and state pensions are relatively small in relation to cost of living. I see kind of solution in private pension funds and personal investment plan
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