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  1. You need to have a retirement plan in your youth life. My best plan for it is that i save money before spending on my expenditures. I was not a fan of saving but an incident happened to me and I had to borrow some money from people. It was one of the changing moments of my life.
  2. I would include also interest rate risk if project is financed by bank loan or any other type of loan. The price of loan is interest rate which lately have both fixed and volatility part. Although fixed part is known and does not represent risk, volatility part of interest rate can impose huge risk
  3. I find this topic as very important for any sort of business. Higher risk brings higher profits but due to risks that cannot be controlled, the same investment can bring huge losses. So, the question is if specific business proposal is worth to be supported through investment?
  4. Asset allocation is one of the major concepts in finance. Apart that its significance in investments and fund management, It is also very important in any other business. Understanding and following this concept provides the best results for given operational plan
  5. Very well explained differences between instruments.Both investments have their pros and cons so which one is better can be said only by investors risk preferences. Debt instruments are generally treated as less riskier from equities,but they both have own risks.An investor should be aware of it
  6. I believe that investing in mutual funds is one of the top things you can do. The biggest problem i have seen people with mutual funds is the taxing issues. They don't have high knowledge about the taxes and i don't blame them. It is a very complicated issue to comprehend.
  7. I believe that lack of patience is the most common mistake people do while trading or investing in any sort of business. The problem is that people want to become rich and millionaires the next day they invest in something. They need to remove such thought from their minds.
  8. I believe that the commercial banks are best for you. I am not in favour of using the services of banks but you have to live in this world. Banks are the necessary evil for this world to survive. I hope that the majority of the forum members will agree with my thoughts.
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