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  1. You need to give more importance to the taxation aspect of things. The tax authorites are getting strict. You don't want to get in trouble with the law. You need to surround yourself with people that are good for you. People that will tell you harsh truth than sweet lies.
  2. For me, investment funds are always a good option. There are better options for investment and earnings when all individual funds are collected into mutual or investment funds. There are also professional fund managers whose job is to look for best investment opportunities
  3. Most likely the reason is bonuses. Bonuses are awarded on Olymp Trade at deposit from $30. In the future, these bonuses can be very useful if you lose and you have a second chance to win back the losses.
  4. Excellent topic with nicely explained retail funds.Somehow I feel that retail funds are sort of neglected among all other means of investment,but they are offering excellent opportunities for diversification of investment portfolio and of course, nice earnings.Very good option for all individuals
  5. Nelson, I don’t see that this insurance is created only for wealthy people. All people can apply for this insurance and I find it quite useful to sign for a policy as it provides policy-defined financial support to the family of policy owner
  6. Personally, I find the need and significant benefits of signing a life insurance policy. Simply because we live in such unsecure world and especially in relation to world economy. I find life insurance as a good way to protect my family at least financially
  7. Life has become so much unpredictable. A rainy day is just round the corner. I believe that to help yourself at such times, you need insurance. You don't want to become a burden on anyone. There are so many types of insurances. You can get anyone of them depeding upon your circumstances.
  8. Preparing for retirement is not an easy thing. You need to invest your money if you want to live a happy life after retirement as you will not be able to survive on your savings forever. I believe that real estate is the best option if someone is interested in dealing with properties.
  9. For a beginner it's important to be able to search for his own strategy and to have small initial deposit requirements. The first is solved by a free demo mode and a page for technical analysis. There is also an economic calendar for evaluating the foundation. Olymp Trade trading platform has, perhaps, all the common indicators and online help with various videos and so on. Deposit is from 10 dollars. I haven't seen lower anywhere.
  10. I believe that passion and knowledge of the field is very important for any entrepreneur. You need to have passion as motivation when you enter the practical life. There would be many roadblocks in your success destination and that passion will steer you to the right path everytime.
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