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  3. Hello People!!! Am here to Introduce you to the best Investment and saving opportunities for the month of June 2019 FOR INVESTMENT 1) Risk Free Forex trading - Ngexchanger investment Forex trading can be difficult if you are doing it yourself, because you may lose all your money... I have tried with binomo, iqoption and lost my cash so I decided to look for professionals who will trade on my behalf.. I found 3. But the one am introducing to you started 2weeks ago... Ngexchanger is a company registered by CAC and has been around for a few years, it's similar to instantgold since they both buy and sell Bitcoin, Skrill, PayPal, ethereum etc. Recently, Ngexchanger partnered with a trading company and will help invest your money, let your mind be at rest because they will also bear the risk so you get your money back with interest. How does it work? Sign up at https://invest.ngexchanger.com/?ref=YOVuh After sign up invest (btw 35,500-millions). So let's assume you invest 100k on a Monday.. The next Monday (a week after) that's 7days... You start receiving 5k every Monday for 6months. After 6months... They will remove 10% of ur initial capital... as service fee and pay u the rest which will be 90k. So you make 20k every month and get 90k back after 6months. 2) I-invest by Sterling bank :This app allows you buy treasury bill from your phone. The minimum is 100k. Once you buy, your 100k starts increasing daily based on the Percentage of the one you bought. After the stated time (few months to a year) you cash out with interest. Sign up https://i-investng.com 3) Wealth.ng: This website simplifies shares purchase.. you can easily buy shares of as little as 5000naira (They have MtnNigeria shares). You can also buy treasury bills and make about 12% p.a sign up at wealth.ng For savings: 1) PIGGYVEST, you must have heard of this app, this popular savings app has been approved to have it's own microfinance bank, with the app you can save and make 10-13% on your savings p.a. The app makes it easy to save and you can save as little as 10naira when you have it. Recently the app has been updated to have various investment features so you can invest in mutual fund, agriculture etc. With as high as 12-20% interest. This app is the best.. You should check it out sign up link https://piggyvest.com/l/1305240 2) Cowrywise: This app is similar to the piggyvest app... There is good savings and investment opportunities in the app. It has added feature of letting you and your friends contribute together and receive the money in cycle like ajo but with interest Signup link https://get.cowrywise.com/r/Olayemi6pqOGZ/ We have other savings app such as kolopay, alat by wema etc. We also have various investment app such as thriveagric for agriculture investment and many others. Invest to achieve financial stability... Don't give up.. keep saving.
  4. Hello guys, I stumbled into a youtube channel called 3headnetwork. Those guys claimed to be expert in binary.com by showing videos and also can invest for someone. I wish to invest with them but want to get 3rd party option. I want us to verify their identity if real to avoid be scammed. Their details ( Email: 3headnetwork@gmail.com whatsapp: +2348189477759 ). Thanks.
  5. You need to have a retirement plan in your youth life. My best plan for it is that i save money before spending on my expenditures. I was not a fan of saving but an incident happened to me and I had to borrow some money from people. It was one of the changing moments of my life.
  6. I think that the lose of patience is one of the most important aspect. Many people invest money and think that they will become millionaires. This is the wrong mentality. You need to have a lot of patience. Try to remain calm and make the best decision for yourself.
  7. I agree with this statement. You should always try to expand your options all the time. I know that not everyone has the luxury to invest in different things but you should do it if you have the resources. The trademark of a successful is that he always looks around in different things.
  8. You need to give more importance to the taxation aspect of things. The tax authorites are getting strict. You don't want to get in trouble with the law. You need to surround yourself with people that are good for you. People that will tell you harsh truth than sweet lies.
  9. For me, investment funds are always a good option. There are better options for investment and earnings when all individual funds are collected into mutual or investment funds. There are also professional fund managers whose job is to look for best investment opportunities
  10. Contemporary living became so unpredictable more than ever before in which sense live insurance can provide at least some guarantee that in time of stress financial support will be at disposal. I see also that costs of insurance are minimal in respect to its benefits
  11. Most likely the reason is bonuses. Bonuses are awarded on Olymp Trade at deposit from $30. In the future, these bonuses can be very useful if you lose and you have a second chance to win back the losses.
  12. I would include also interest rate risk if project is financed by bank loan or any other type of loan. The price of loan is interest rate which lately have both fixed and volatility part. Although fixed part is known and does not represent risk, volatility part of interest rate can impose huge risk
  13. Excellent topic with nicely explained retail funds.Somehow I feel that retail funds are sort of neglected among all other means of investment,but they are offering excellent opportunities for diversification of investment portfolio and of course, nice earnings.Very good option for all individuals
  14. Nelson, I don’t see that this insurance is created only for wealthy people. All people can apply for this insurance and I find it quite useful to sign for a policy as it provides policy-defined financial support to the family of policy owner
  15. I see that the general problem with starting own business is luck of knowledge of finances. Many people have a good idea which can be basic for good business plan. But without idea how finances and market are functioning many businesses fail
  16. Investment funds can be an excellent option for people who do not have time to spend trading and analysing the best option for their own portfolio or it might be that they don’t have access to some markets. In this sense, leaving management of your funds to professionals is a good way to proceed
  17. I think that we need to take into account current development with pension funds in the whole world. The truth is that they are not doing so well and state pensions are relatively small in relation to cost of living. I see kind of solution in private pension funds and personal investment plan
  18. I find this topic as very important for any sort of business. Higher risk brings higher profits but due to risks that cannot be controlled, the same investment can bring huge losses. So, the question is if specific business proposal is worth to be supported through investment?
  19. Why the consultant recommends me to deposit more than 10 dollars?
  20. Personally, I find the need and significant benefits of signing a life insurance policy. Simply because we live in such unsecure world and especially in relation to world economy. I find life insurance as a good way to protect my family at least financially
  21. Asset allocation is one of the major concepts in finance. Apart that its significance in investments and fund management, It is also very important in any other business. Understanding and following this concept provides the best results for given operational plan
  22. Very well explained differences between instruments.Both investments have their pros and cons so which one is better can be said only by investors risk preferences. Debt instruments are generally treated as less riskier from equities,but they both have own risks.An investor should be aware of it
  23. Life has become so much unpredictable. A rainy day is just round the corner. I believe that to help yourself at such times, you need insurance. You don't want to become a burden on anyone. There are so many types of insurances. You can get anyone of them depeding upon your circumstances.
  24. Preparing for retirement is not an easy thing. You need to invest your money if you want to live a happy life after retirement as you will not be able to survive on your savings forever. I believe that real estate is the best option if someone is interested in dealing with properties.
  25. I agree with you. I think that Olymp Trade is one of the best of the business. I wish that other platforms would be like this. I also would like to ask the forum members to give their views about their services and performances. How many other platforms have you used?
  26. For a beginner it's important to be able to search for his own strategy and to have small initial deposit requirements. The first is solved by a free demo mode and a page for technical analysis. There is also an economic calendar for evaluating the foundation. Olymp Trade trading platform has, perhaps, all the common indicators and online help with various videos and so on. Deposit is from 10 dollars. I haven't seen lower anywhere.
  27. I believe that investing in mutual funds is one of the top things you can do. The biggest problem i have seen people with mutual funds is the taxing issues. They don't have high knowledge about the taxes and i don't blame them. It is a very complicated issue to comprehend.
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