1. Investment

    1. Investment Vehicles In Nigeria

      Educational discussion on the different investment vehicles in Nigeria and sharing of practical experience.

  2. Personal Finance

    1. Personal Finance

      All things related to personal finance, family budgeting and practical techniques that help.

  3. Books, Videos and Courses

    1. Book Reviews and Recommendations

      Discussions around helpful finance and investment books..

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    2. Online Courses

      Discussions around helpful (preferably, free) online courses..

    3. Videos on Investment and Finance

      Discussions around helpful YouTube (and other freely accessible) videos on finance and investment books.

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  4. Annual Reports and Research

    1. Annual Reports and Financial Statements

      Directory and discussions around annual reports and financial statements of companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

    2. Research and Analysis

      Discussions around stock analysis, investment research and papers on the investment industry in Nigeria.

  5. Investment Applications, Phone Apps and Software

    1. Phone Apps for Investors and Finance

      Discussions around helpful android, windows mobile, blackberry and apple phone applications for the finance and investment savvy Nigerian.

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    2. Desktop/PC Applications and Software

      Discussions around helpful PC software for the finance and investment savvy Nigerian.

  6. ICAN, ACCA, ACA, CFA and other certification exams

    1. Nigerian Certification Exams

      Discussions around recognized Nigerian certification exams in the finance, accounting and investment world.

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    2. Foreign certification exams

      Foreign certification exams like CFA, ACCA, etc.

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  7. MBA?

    1. All things MBA and its relevance

      All things MBA and its relevance

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  8. Real Estate

    1. Real Estate

      All discussions around real estate in Nigeria.

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  9. Foreign Investments

    1. Foreign Investments

      All discussions around foreign investments Nigerians can participate in.